Ipazia fashion film

IPAZIA / premiered at @ AltaRoma / 01.07.18
Hypatia of Alessandria lived in Egypt in the 3th Century. She is an immortal symbol of female emancipation: she was a mathematician, astronomer, neoplatonic philosopher, a free woman in an age when women were kept outside science and politics. Hypatia was killed by a group of Christians fundamentalists.

A Milky Way production ( www.milkywayberlin.com )
Featuring designer Viola Ambree ( www.maisonviolaambree.com )
Directors: Irene Cacciarini & Livia Alcalde  ( www.liviaalcalde.com,  www.irenecacciarini.com )
Stylist: Pablo Patane ( www.pablopatane.com )
Make up artist: Fausto Cavaleri ( www.faustocavaleri.com )
Hair: Cosimo Bellomo
Model: Trinity @ Zoe Factory ( www.zoefactory.com )
DOP: Gabriele Fratini
Accessories: Idriss Guelai
DOP assistant: Simone Barilla’
Directors assistant: Daniele Guglielmi